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Assistants d’anglais

Naomi Kosman-Wiener
Ecole aujourd’hui
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

I really liked working with the teacher : she seemed to really want my perspective on how the three students were progressing. She asked for my advice sometimes, especially with one student who was clearly at a level below the other two. She was very flexible with my schedule, very sociable, and seemed like a great teacher.

It was refreshing to be around young kids for a little while each week and to vary up my schedule.


Anna Melio
Lycée Marie Laurencin
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

I loved it (…) it was a rewarding experience.
I was given a portion of the class for the whole hour and was told to speak with them in english. I had to prepare for the classes as well as provide my own subjects for the full hour. I was left alone with the students in the classroom. As the students level was not fluent, very often I would have to explain it to the kids in english, then french, then english. With the students most of our conversations would be about the differences between America and France. I learned a lot about their school system, interests, way of life and many other things. It also taught me many differences between a french and american classroom.


Hannah Ryan
IPAG Business School
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

The students and teachers were, for the most part, very welcoming and interested in what I had to say. The professors would give me interview questions to cover with the students, or have me assist other class activities. It was a fun way to meet French people my own age, and feel appreciated for my diverse experiences.


Kristina Muller
Ecole Aujourd’hui
Vassar College, VWPP Fall 2014

I worked with three students on their English, with predetermined assignments for each student provided by their teacher. It helped me understand the schooling system here that French children go through before university. I really enjoyed my internship and got to meet many young French students (around 8) and learn about their lives and culture. I had always considered teaching as a possible career and this experience has encouraged me in that direction.


Julia Clemens
Ecole maternelle rue des Cloys
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

I would think if what I wanted to do with the children, usually it would be colors, good morning, and maybe animals and then we would sing songs or read books about the things in English. In one of the classes the teacher would go along with what I did and then help the children pay attention and get them involved, in the other class I did most of the teaching and the teacher just observed mostly but then I think worked on the songs when I wasn’t there. I learned about how elementary schools work in Paris. It was a really great experience.


Evénements culturels

Sarah Gittins
Arts Arena
Vassar College, VWPP Fall 2014

I filmed or ushered all of the large 4 events. The job was fairly hands-off. You have to take the step and really go get it. It was a great internship, I had a lot of fun and the people were very nice. But you must be proactive.



Tess Morgan
Internship with a journalist
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

We created a database of contacts, systemized the archives, acted as liaisons with various government agencies in France and in the Middle East and edited the upcoming book.

We were given a lot of responsibility and we expected to take the lead and accomplish everything that needed to be done. It was refreshing not to be babied. This internship has made me aspire to do something on the journalistic track later in life.



Crys Wright
Bénévolat à la Mie de Pain
Wesleyan University, VWPP Spring 2015

I had a very positive time at the association. Everyone was relatively nice and patient with me. They spoke little or no English so I really had to improve to have conversation. It put me in a situation where I had to rely on my French. After going each week I felt more comfortable with the language. It was nice to talk to people and learn about their stories.


Anne Dade
Bénévolat à la Mie de Pain
Wesleyan University, VWPP Fall 2014

I think that community service is very important and I felt strongly about doing it in Paris. I had never worked in a soup kitchen before, so there is obviously no experience necessary.

I managed dining hall tasks and served food to SDF and residents of the Mie de Pain shelter. I really liked the other volunteers. They were all very welcoming and showed me how to respectfully help out and interact with the SDF population.


Galerie d’Art

Alex Lee
Contemporary Art gallery assistant at the Select Café, Montparnasse
Wesleyan University, VWPP Spring 2015

After each accrochage (“hanging up of art,” which occurred every third Sunday), we would host a vernissage (art opening) at the gallery, with wine, food, and conversation. I got to speak with many artists in the Parisian art scene, as well as work with the specific artists exposing their work at the gallery. I had the opportunity to give much input with regard to the aesthetic and process.

I had the chance to use French in a different context and to learn more about the art world, particularly with regard to its Parisian form.

The gallery director was wonderful; she was very flexible and understanding, as well as caring and fun to work with. It was very interesting to see her interact and conduct business with the artists exposing at the gallery.


Emma Gregoline
Contemporary Art gallery assistant at the Select Café, Montparnasse
Vassar College, VWPP Fall 2013

The gallery director was amazing, and so friendly, warm, and charming… we worked one-on-one a lot with the artists. It was interesting to meet and talk to all of the artists who exhibited their work there, as well as their friends and family who attended the “vernissages.” The people on the staff of the Select also became very familiar. I feel like I met so many French adults through this internship!

I wanted to be surrounded by art and people who are interested and inspired by art, and an added bonus was being able to design flyers or posters.

I helped to map out each exhibition within the space, hanging each piece on a movable hook, lifting/carrying things,… I assistied at gallery openings, made posters for exhibits, helped with the website.

The stage enriched my experience in that it gave me another outlet to practice my French outside of class and my host family, and also to see art from an insider’s perspective.


Jenny Feldman
Gallery assistant
Vassar College, VWPP Fall 2013

My stage was one of the best parts of my semester abroad. I got to meet a lot of French people and introduced to a community of artists, gallery owners, and collectors whom I would not have otherwise. I found it hard to meet other French students at Paris 7, but at the gallery, I was always included and encouraged to interact with everyone.

Working at the gallery taught me a lot about the art world and how it functions. Before doing this internship, I knew very little about the art market. Now, I am well informed. My supervisor and the director were always eager to answer my questions and to include me in events like openings that helped me better understand the art business.

I am an art history major, but had never worked in a gallery before. Having studied art from the past at Vassar, I found it very interesting and useful to learn more about the contemporary art world through this internship. I was taking a course on postmodern art at Reid Hall semester as well and I found it useful to work at Galerie Sator and take this class at the same time. Both added to each other.